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With years of experience working my way up in the retail world I have come to know a lot about the industry. With such an affinity to businesses in the UK I have made many great bonds with local business owners and entrepreneurs.

I am now enjoying my time helping businesses and retailers all over the UK, as a business consultant. My day-to-day job involves so many new opportunities I started writing a jornal of them. And now my entries are here for you to enjoy and hopefully learn from!

Being born in Bristol I spent a lot of my time growing up in the west country. Over the last 15 years Bristol has undergone some major developments in the business sector, and I have been learning from my involvement in the whole process.

With this gained knowledge I have started aiding businesses in the South West but also make regular trips and conferences in London.
With London being such a financial power, I am trying to help the retail sector grow, so get out there and help out as well!

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